A gracious ‘thank you’ to all the musician who have reached out for an interview. &then is currently on hiatus until further notice.


Season One Wrap Up

Thank you to all 15 bands, artists and musicians from across Manitoba for taking the time to come share their thoughts and music on &then.

And thank you to every person who listened to, downloaded, streamed and subscribed to &then. I appreciate every single word of encouragement and all of your support of the podcast.

I’ve made a short montage using quotes from every interview and posted it below.

Thank you!

-Josie Loeppky

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&then’s interview with Corporate

Jamie Ellis aka Corporate is a local hip-hop artist who is socially conscious. As a man with a wife and children, he feels he wants to break the rap, hip-hop stereotype by singing praises for those who work from the ground up. His first two solo tracks, “Sol Survivor“ and “Path 2 Success“ are the first of many we will hear from this local rapper and community activist.

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Winnipeg rapper Jamie Ellis, who goes by the stage name Corporate, raps from an “ethical and moral standpoint”. His lyrics and hard beats are layered with sounds that makes you want to walk down the street with swagger.


Coming from the inner-city of Winnipeg, Corporate is just starting out in the Winnipeg music scene with two of his debut solo tracks- that said, he’s been in the music industry for a number of year working at Streets 104.7, producing remixes and shadowing agent representatives.

I’m curious to find out why Corporate has decided to dedicate himself to producing his own music instead of continuing with remixing tracks? How he’s come up with his sound and where he plans to take his music?

Check out his stuff here:

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&then’s interview with The Bros. Landreth

The Brothers Landreth, Joey and Dave Landreth, and their bro. Rhino (Ryan Voth) have been in the music business as side-men for the last decade. Touring with and playing guitar, bass and drums for bands such as Imaginary Cities, Doc Walker and Del Barber. These guys know the ropes.

But now it’s their turn.

While working on their first full length debut album- the Brothers came into the studio to talk about their early memories as child artists growing up with a highly musical family, their experiences side-men and what lead them to make the decision to start their own band.

Be careful not to fall in love with these guys- it’s an easy thing to do.

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The Bros. Landreth


Their songs speak for themselves. They unravel unselfconsciously, like an old sweater. Worn in, not worn out.

The Brother Lanreth are a brand new brand- who are not strangers to the music scene.

Joey, Dave and Ryan have been side-men for bands such as; Imaginary Cities, Del Barber, Daniel ROA, Oh My Darling, The New Lightweights, and Fred Penner. The boys are now working on their own album, on their own time.

Working with Murray Pulver (2009 CCMA producer of the year, Tara Oram, Doc Walker, Crash Test Dummies) on their first full length album, their individual experiences have come together to create a well-rounded sound. This pop, alt-country music is sure to sooth your soul, with their layered melodies and lyrics that “speak for themselves”.

The Brothers Landreth is great music to grab your grandmother quilt, snuggle up and listen on a rainy day.

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&then’s Interview with Claire Morrison – Fire & Smoke

Claire Morrison is going on a solo musical adventure but not without help and friends.

She has had a big year so far, including playing to a sold-out show at the Winnipeg Free Press Cafe during Big Fun Festival.

She will be releasing her first solo debut EP “Here’s to you, here’s to me”, in April. And she will playing opening night at the Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival in March.

Listen her beautiful music and to how she feels about the exciting, new changes and upcoming events in her life.

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Claire Morrison- Fire & Smoke

In 2010, Claire Morrison broke into the Winnipeg music scene with her musical partner Daniel Peolquin-Hopfner in the bi-lingual bluegrass-folk band, Fire & Smoke.

At the fun-young age of 21, Claire is finding her own way with her solo debut album. In contrast to her work with Fire & Smoke, this poetic storyteller has a more bluesy feel to her solo stuff. Claire also helps spearhead the integrated arts and music festival, Cluster.

Her warm vocals are smooth like honey, paired with the boot-stomping beautiful melodies of acoustic guitar, tranquil flute, banjo and mandolin.


Her rich, resonant voice can take you away and bring you home, her words can cut you deep and lift you up. Whatever the case may be, this Manitoban songstress offers up spare, stormy folk with a lot of heart.Photo Credit: 

Today, I will find out where her solo adventure has taken her so far. What is in store for Fire & Smoke? And what can we expect from this year’s Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival.

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&then’s interview with Eagle Lake Owls

Eagle Lake Owls is a small but mighty folk-rock band that writes music about friendship, growing up and about having small town roots. 

Listen to what Jody, Andy and Dominique have to say about their upcoming summer tour, release of their EP and new music video.

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&then’s interview with Mas Headspace

Mas Headspace is all about being funky. On top of being a funky-funk band, they have a second passion that collides with their love of music. This band has amazingly wild imaginations, that allow them to put together elaborate stage performances to go along with their music. Find out what the process is behind these stage performances and how they come up with their ideas.

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